All About Indoor and Outdoor Home Lighting

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Good home lighting enhances the beauty of a home, making it look radiant and inviting even to those who only see it from the outside. Moreover, a perfectly-lit house will definitely feel home to its dwellers – providing not only optimum comfort, but as well a strong sense of safety and security.

As such, it cannot be denied that good home lighting is indispensable. A home in darkness will most likely be one that breeds inefficiency, prone to life-threatening risks, and overall unpleasant. As homeowners, it’s therefore our responsibility to see to it that the lighting inside and outside the house is not only adequate, but appropriate as well.

Natural lighting

Interior lighting in the morning should be mostly natural light, and the best way to maximize this is by having good size windows. If you have yet to build or move, ensure that there is just enough natural light — not too much and not too little as either way will turn out to be counter-productive. Meanwhile, artificial lighting is equally important as it provides illumination when there isn’t enough natural light.

Indoor artificial lights

Choosing artificial lighting for indoors should depend on a number of factors, including the orientation of the house in respect to the sun, the climate, the number and size of windows, the particular theme of interior design, and the purpose or function served by each of the rooms.

So if your house gets too little sunlight even during the summer, then you would most likely need more artificial lighting than average. And if you have to bear with a house that has hobbit-size windows, you might have to use artificial lights even during the day.

It’s also important to consider the uses of a particular area before installing artificial lights in it; lighting in the bathroom would most likely differ from that in the office.

Outdoor lighting

Since the outdoors are naturally lit during the day, there’s no need for artificial lighting. But during nighttime, the right type of outdoor lights can do so much to promote security and safety, and at the same time enhance the beauty of the house even in the absence of sunlight.

Security and safety should be a priority when it comes to setting up artificial outdoor lights. Intruders naturally take advantage of the dark because it allows them to lurk behind the shadows, so as much as possible, eliminate that risk by ensuring that spots like the garage or alleyways are sufficiently lighted to keep bad elements at bay. Moreover, lights in these areas should barely be accessible, otherwise, it would be easy for malicious trespassers to tamper them.

On the other hand, there are also outdoor lights that are solely decorative by purpose. Examples of such include fountain lights and well lights that merely enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Wall sconces and lamps, however, may serve both decorative and safety purposes.

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