Green Gifts That Are Good On The Planet

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Shopping for “green gifts” can be a frustrating, hair pulling affair most of the times, but there are some little known gems that go way beyond the ordinary and will leave your gift recipients took aback.

green gifts

These are green gifts with an eye toward the environment and I am not talking about the usual gift suspects of recycled decorated boxes wrapped in the eco-friendly biodegradable wrapping paper either.

How would your loved one feel to know that they are the proud foster parent of a dolphin? The team at Red Balloon have cleverly devised the opportunity of a lifetime for your lucky gift recipient to adopt a dolphin for a year and is available to anyone worldwide.

You have the choice of adopting one of many dolphins where you get to follow its activities throughout the 12 months. Once you adopt your dolphin you will be sent a picture postcard of him or her, your very own personalized adoption certificate, regular dolphin updates and newsletters regarding the conservation of dolphins and whales.

Not only are you giving a great gift but you are also supporting dolphin perseveration, this beautiful, regal creature is never far from the endangered species list. Their numbers are dwindling as the result of our presence and the pressures we place on our environment affecting the balance of their natural habitat.

If you would like to be even more exotic, how about adopting an orca whale instead? The same concept applies with dolphin adoption where you get to monitor your orca through a series of updates while giving the benefit of preservation of this magnificent creature.

Another great gift idea is donating to the WWF Wild life fund for the preservation of endangered species: you can either make a donation or adopt one of their 90 species of animals from the Snow Leopard to the Panda, Polar Bear, Penguin, Tiger, Pygmy Elephant and more. You adopt the cuddly toy version of the animal of your choice and along with it, you receive an adoption certificate.

A breathtaking film called “Earth” created by the BBC made its way onto Disney’s screens to mark the opening of Earth Day.

It was edited from over 100,000 hours worth of stunning footage and details the lives and direct impact on animals from global warming as a result of human influence. The films conclusion leaves the choice in our hands with a simple website address to visit and learn more about what we can do.

We can preserve some of the endangered species from the film such as the Amur Leopard of Russia the most endangered species in the world. Poaching and the lack of natural prey has driven them to the brink of extinction and there are thought to be less than 30 in existence today.

There are several other animals on the endangered species list that you can choose to protect with your donation. You can either opt to protect a particular species or let the fund decide where the money would bring the most benefit. The Wildlife Fund works in association with local communities, recognizing that working for the protection of these animals with local support is essential to their survival.

The legacy the late, great Steve Irwin left behind was that if we taught people to love nature and our environment then they would want to protect it. So there you have it, some great out of the box gift ideas that not only preserve nature but make you look like a rock star in the process. Green gifts are great for protecting nature and our environment.

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