Planting Trees Early In Spring

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Many individuals don’t realize that for planting trees they should not wait for summertime. Young trees do better when they are plant in the spring and have sufficient time to establish themselves in the soil before either extremes of heat of cold hit.

planting trees

Landscaping your yard is typically a fairly big project, using up a great deal of time and energy. But before you get started, here are some tips that could save both time and money.

Before the first morning frost comes along and the first snowflakes start to pile up, many people begin to look forwards to spring. Envisions of green leaves, crimson and orange blossoms, fresh veggies and herbs as you wait for the ground to thaw so you can start planting. As any good green thumb acknowledges early starts ensure lush, healthy plants, especially if you are planting trees.

Therefore, if part of your winter landscaping daydreams include planting trees, it is all important to recognize that you will need to be prepare to plant early. Wintertime is an opportunity to start planning.

Sometimes a existing tree gets to the point where it is needed to say bye-bye to it. It can be an agonizing choice to make, but the tree getting too close to the house, gets too unhealthy, gets infestation of some pest, or grows too tall and gets close to a power line. Whenever any of these things occur, it is better to do the right thing and get rid of the tree. Whilst you may have spent many hours getting the tree to where it is today, it is almost immoral to the tree to leave it to suffer in unsound conditions.

Few things can be so functional and as beautiful as a tree. It is no wonder that with the rising popularity of the do-it-yourself lifestyle, more people are deciding to plant trees in their yard. Here are five realistic reasons why:

1. A mature tree can add value to your property.

2. Trees can reduce energy costs by providing shade in the summer.

3. Trees provide oxygen and naturally offset carbon emissions.

4. Trees add a variety of different colors to your yard through out the year.

5. Trees help make memories as you watch it grow in your yard from year to year as it builds a connection between you, your family, your home.

An easy way to get started (USA)

The nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation (USA) is encouraging people to get an early start on their tree planting by offering 10 free flowering trees with a small membership. Which 10 flowering trees a new member will receive is based on what the state forester recommends or other trees selected for your area to ensure they thrive when planted.

The six to 12-inch trees are guaranteed to grow and are currently scheduled to be shipped in March or April, a perfect time for optimal, early spring tree planting. So if you are already getting excited about spring projects, visit to make sure your trees arrive at the right time for planting where you live.

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