Reduce Re-Use Recycle: Staying Green with Infants’ Toys

| September 11, 2013

Most children’s toys are outgrown long before that of their workmanship. For parents who adopt “staying green” habits around the household, you’ll find that you can integrate the same ideas with your children’s toys. The following are important tips for going “staying green.”

Purchasing new toys can reduce the amount of energy that is used making new ones each year. Toys made of natural products such as wood and organic fabrics are non-toxic and safe for your infant children to play with. Higher quality toys may be a bit pricey, but you’ll find that they last longer and can be shared with other children after your kids are done playing with them.

Additionally, look for toys made from recycled materials. Before you purchase any new items for your family, you want to read the labels and find out what the toy is made out of. It also helps to know where it’s constructed, and the company who produces the toys.

When the toys are constructed out of the right materials and high in quality and durability, you can re-use the item with other family members or give them away to friends and co-workers. Re-using your toys prevents manufacturers from having to use precious resources on making more items.

To ensure that they are in good condition for the next group of children, you should store your children’s things properly after they are done playing with them. Eco-friendly containers can store the appropriate pieces together and prevent them from getting lost. To keep your stuffed animals pristine and germ-free, you can clean them periodically in a baking soda and vinegar solution.

If everyone you know has outgrown the toys and games that you have around the home, you can donate them to a charitable organization. This allows children who are less fortunate to have the opportunity to play with items they normally couldn’t afford.

The packaging that the toys come in can create a lot of waste in the world. Trees and other natural resources are typically used in the making of this packaging. You can save a tree by recycling the boxes and plastic that may house some of your toys.

Another way to recycle is by heading to your local yard or estate sale. Look over the various toys that are on display pick a few sure to become their new favorites. Before you bring them home, make sure that they are safe and have the specific parts needed to operate appropriately.

There are a variety of options that allow households to “staying green” today. Whether you purchase energy efficient appliances, decorate your home with sustainable accessories or provide your children with toys that can help the environment, you’re doing everything you can to be kind to Mother Earth. Teaching your children the importance of “go green” by recycling, re-using and reducing can provide their generation with a better tomorrow.

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