Staying Warm In Your Winter Workout

| November 6, 2012

Staying warm is an extremely important part in your winter workout. You can avoided winter weather health conditions like pneumonia, hypothermia and frostbite by staying warm. Here are some tips that will keep your body warm, even in the freezing winter cold.

Lead off by warming up first

Before you stepping outside, do a good warm-up indoors by getting your heart running and rise your body heat.

Start by running on the spot, jump imaginary ropes, do sit ups, push-ups and other similar exercises. By the time you step outside, you already feeling too hot inside your body.

Dress in different layers of clothing

You will be better off layering different layers of clothing than wear one heavy jacket. A multiple layers of clothing trap heat better, and it help to vent moisture out as well. You can also take off different layers of clothing should you get a little too warm!

All the same, you should still wear a water resistant jacket on top of all the layers.

Monitor your heart with a heart rate monitor

Many individuals estimate how laborious they are exercising by how much they have sweat. In warmer weather this works fine most of the time, and can be a decent estimate. But, in the winter it’s completely inaccurate.

Sweat is designed to evaporate and to help cool your body off. In warmer weather, that is exactly what sweat does. However in the winter, sweating in reality conducts coldness and helps you to lose more body heat.

Your body sweats less in winter. Rather than using sweat to gauge your workout intensity, buy yourself a heart rate monitor. Figure out your upper limit heart rate intensity and try to stay at about 80% of that level.

Workout during the daylight

Do not underestimate the amount of heat that sunlight can generate on your skin. You will feel a lot warmer when you have sun on your skin.

Unwind before taking off your clothes

Don’t take off your exercise clothes the moment you got home. You room may feel warm, but your body has not adjusted to the room temperature yet. Give your body a few minutes in your workout clothes to build up heat.

When you take all your clothes off right away, you can lose a lot of heat, it can cause a shock to the body system.

Follow these tips and stay warm when you are exercising outdoor, even in freezing cold weather.

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