Top 5 Tips To Improve Eyesight Naturally

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Isn’t squinting causing line formation on your forehead, not to mention the discomfort you have when you read or watch something. So many people suffer from poor eyesight and wear glasses or contact lenses to improve vision. But, this is only a way to stop the condition from deteriorating too rapidly. Instead, used natural methods to improve your eyesight and in some cases, people can also get back clear vision.

Read the following 5 tips for improving eyesight naturally.

1. Blink Regularly – When you are reading or writing or even watching TV, you must remember to keep blinking regularly after every 3-4 seconds. Continuous watching puts a strain on your eyes and locks up the muscles. To prevent this, make a habit of breathing deeply from the stomach.

When you are working, you forget to breathe deeply and the eyes receive only limited oxygen supply. Deep breathing ensures that your eyes get sufficient oxygen.

2. Keep Moving Your Eyes – When you are working on your computer or watching television, your eyes are glued to one point. You don’t move them from one point to another. Moving eyes relaxes them.

When you move them from one corner of the screen to another, they relax. It is something like when you stretch your leg muscles after remaining in one position for a long time. The best proof of this are the sportspersons playing active sports. Footballers, for example, need to keep their eyes travelling all over the field. This is why they never wear glasses.

The 20-20 rule should help you to keep your eyes moving. But it requires a dedicated and conscientious effort on your part. Remember to look away from your computer or TV screen after every 20 minutes. Look at any object at a distance of 20 feet and keep looking for 20 minutes.

3. Doing Eye Exercises – Eye-exercises make use of the eye muscles and keep them from tensing up. One good exercise is moving your eyes up and down and left and right. Don’t move your face, only the eye muscles. To improve eyesight naturally, you have to understand how the eye works.

Your eyes have ciliary muscles that become weak resulting in weak eyesight. When you keep moving your eyes and do exercises to keep them busy, these muscles become strong, giving you clear vision.

4. Reduce Stress – Stress is the biggest enemy of overall good health, including your eyes. If you can’t avoid stress, then you have to learn how to get rid of it. Meditate or do exercises to release stress busting hormones.

5. Improve Your Posture – And, finally, remember to keep your body posture proper. Unbelievable as it may seem, bad body and spinal posture also results in bad eyesight. Keep your back and spine straight when you are sitting.

Apart from these tips, you have to remember to eat a healthy diet. Include foods that are good for your eyes. Don’t squint to see clearly because squinting only puts strains on the eye muscles. Rather, wear glasses. And till you can get clear vision, do exercises for your eyes.