What is Qigong for Beginners?

| June 26, 2013

The Chinese art to change the flow of energy in your body is called Qigong. This is done to attain mental, spiritual, and physical well being. The word “qi” in Chinese means ‘ai’ or ‘breath’. “Gong” means ‘improving a talent’ which is attained through proper focused practice.

Qigong masters think that you fall ill due to leakage and disturbances in the flow of energy in your body. Qigong involves slow soft movements, meditation and breathing styles. In this way, it enhances flow of energy and brings back balance in your body. This therapy is considered as the oldest medical qigong therapy. Some important information is discussed below regarding qigong –

1. Basic Principles of Qigong – The center of your energetic body is called Dan Tian. It is placed 3cm below your navel. When you practice qigong, this is the place your attention needs to be concentrated on. This therapy improves the homeostatic function of your body. This is achieved because your central nervous system is relaxed. Your mind is relieved from distractions and creates a sense of stillness inside you. This will help you most when you practice it every day in a silent environment.

2. Qigong Healing Sounds Exercise – A good practice for you as beginners is to incorporate sounds with movements to improve your awareness regarding the different vibrations in your body. You should practice this once every day.

* Breathing Exercise – Start breathing in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. When you breathe in, place your fists on the middle of your chest and move them outwards and back like you stretch every morning. When you breathe out, bend to the front, and move your stretched hands in circles, palms flat. Repeat this six times. Breathe three times in between each step of the routine.

* Exercise for Your Liver and Gallbladder – Place both your elbows into your sides and bend to the front at an angle of 90 degrees, placing your hands forward. Your fists should be tightly held. Press your elbows to your waist and bend forward. This exercise helps in cleaning your liver. This increases the detoxification abilities. You can use this exercise to fight bad breath, skin disease, and body smell as well.

* Exercise for Your Heart and Small Intestine Disease – Stretch your hands up and breathe in. Squat down and hold your fists tightly when you bring your hands at the level of your head. Keep your elbows to the sides. Stand up slowly to the original position and breathe out. Place your hands on the Dan Tian, with your palms towards the body. Breathe out from your stomach.

After this, place your hands on the sides leveling with your head, with your elbows out to the sides. Twist towards your left and make a “whoo” sound while you come back to the middle. Do this three times. This eradicates stress from your stomach, pancreas, and spleen.

Repeat the first breathing exercise again. This will increase the health of your lungs and large intestine.

You should perform this series of exercises every day. This helps to improve the balance in your body. It helps to increase the flow of energy as well and it also brings the mind and spirit together.


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