Wintertime Activities For Parents and Children

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For many children, wintertime is inactive, insensate and uninteresting. However it does not have to be that boring – you can prepare winter just as playfulness as summertime, with some creative thinking and planning. Your children can not only have a fantastic time, but stay in great shape, as well.

Here are a few fun tips for parents and kids enjoy the winter.

Join a Winter Camp

Most people know about summer camps, but did you know that there are winter camps as well? Winter camps will plan all kinds of winter sports and activities for your kids. These activities might include sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, snowman activities and more.

Check with the school to see if they have any wintertime activities line up for children. If not, do a Google search for winter camps in your area.

Play Nintendo Wii Games

Nintendo Wii is both a fitness gym and a video game. Most kids absolutely love playing video games, even if they don’t want to get fit.

Buy them a Nintendo Wii and a few different fitness-oriented games.

Another idea is to buy a Playstation with a Dance Dance Revolution mat. DDR is a game where kids dance on a dance pad with arrows and try to hit the arrows to the beat. It’s every bit as intense as going jogging.

Join a Community Center

Look for a Boys and Girls Club, a YMCA club or another similar kind of community center in your area. These clubs will have all kinds of winter activities for your kids to enjoy.

They’ll have basketball games, volleyball games, kickball games, handball games, swimming (even in winter), tag and all kinds of other physical activities your kids can partake in.

Children Fitness Videos

You have heard of home fitness videos for adults. But did you know they have home fitness videos for kids as well? That’s right – these are fun and colorful home fitness activities that both parent and child can work out to together.

You can find these videos for sale on Amazon. You may also be able to rent them at your local video store.

Make Snowman

On snowy days, one sport activity you could do is make a snowman together and decorate it with color. All you need is a few bottles of food coloring. Build a normal snowman, then use your food coloring to paint the snowman whatever color you want it to be.

These are some many ways you can have wintertime activities fun and get fit together as a family in the winter, just a little bit of planning and a willingness to try something different.